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The choice you make creates your life experience

“We must expect the best, and so live so the best may become part of our experience.”

— Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind I was parked close to the exit door of the store when another car parked beside me with an older gentleman in the back seat. I was letting my car cool down inside before backing out of the parking place when a young lady helped the older gentleman out of the car parked beside me. They started towards the entrance door but he pointed toward the exit door.

I could not hear their conversation as they walked toward the exit door. I saw that they had to wait for someone to come out before they could enter. After watching this take place, it occurred to me there was a mental problem with the older gentleman and the young lady was following his request on what he wanted to do.

There are people who would have gone away from his wish and forced him to go in the direction they wanted. The Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) expresses itself in many ways through different people, and those with an attitude problem have trouble accepting and giving into anything, which is not in their way of thinking.

The older gentleman seemed very well pleased because he got what he wanted as a result of the choice he made.

Changing one’s attitude to a different way of reacting in a situation can be a major adjustment in one’s life and sometimes never takes place. I know medical science has come a long way in replacing joints, the ability to see better with glasses, to be able to hear better with hearing aids, and being able to eat better with the replacement of teeth, and in so many areas that can change the quality of life for others. The one thing medical science cannot do is change one’s attitude about the life they live. Criticizing and judging the actions of others is an attitude problem that creates a life of self-centered thinking and can keep one out of the social circle by not being accepted by others.

I realize it is difficult for a person to take on the responsibilities of caring for a person who is experiencing mental problems and are not able to express themselves in a way that satisfies everyone. The person who can make an attitude adjustment and put themselves in a position of understanding what losing the mental capacities of another person can be like, is a person who is allowing God to express through them as them.

Don’t judge or criticize the actions of others until you have an understanding of what that person is experiencing. The young lady at the store had a full understanding of how to allow the Creative Force of the Universe (God) to express through her and accept the action of the older gentlemen and allow him to have his way because in his mind he was making the right decision as to what to do.

We are here on this planet to serve others using the right attitude and you are the only one who can make that choice.

• • •

The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science). He can be contacted at 673-5703, or email


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