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Disgusting story about local anti-Trump demonstration

This morning I opened the Madera Tribune Wednesday, Nov. 16, edition to find a very disgusting article and photos about some kids demonstrating against Donald Trump.

One sign, according to the article, had the “F” word. Most of the signs read, “Trump is not my president.” Well, I have some news for them. I have not had aq president for the last eight years but I didn’t see fit to take to the streets because of it.

Before anyone decides to throw their First Amendment rights at me, meaning freedom of speech and expression, I would like to remind you that many men and women died to protect that precious freedom, but it also was meant to be used wisely.

In the same article, there were concerns expressed about people being deported. Only people who are here illegally (illegal aliens) need to worry about that. People who came here legally have nothing to worry about, contrary to what you may hear on certain radio stations, television stations, some government schools, etc.

Our forefathers came here legally through Ellis Island, where they were quarantined until they could be checked for disease, and also to insure they had a sponsor, and a job and would not be a burden on the state or federal government.

It’s a shame this is not pointed out to our kids today in most government schools. Anytime anyone enters this country illegally, they become felons because they have broken the immigration laws.

For those of you who find it necessary to demonstrate over the outcome of an election, keep this in mind: voting is a privilege and not a right. Also, you can vote your choice without fear for your life in some socialist and communist countries. And, again, I must point out this privilege has been protected for us by many men and women who fought for us and were killed.

So, grow up and get over it. Trump won, and the people have spoken.

— Sam Pistoresi, Madera

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