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Fresno zoo's lion cub romps, naps and needs a name

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A zoo in central California is showing off a new lion cub and asking visitors to choose his name.

Reporters got a glimpse of the 5-week-old cub Thursday at Fresno Chaffee Zoo as he rolled in his enclosure and napped on his mom, Kiki.

Kiki gave birth to three cubs on Oct. 11, but only the unnamed cub survived.

Voting on his name will run through Nov. 27, and the little lion will likely get his public viewing a month or so later.

Zoo staff has selected six Swahili names to choose from: Enzi (powerful), Kijani (warrior), Asani (rebellious), Erevu (clever), Mansa (king) and Bwani (gentleman).

Visitors can buy a token and place it in a box corresponding to the name they like best.

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