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Protect the area we share with all life

“For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.” — Proverbs 3:2

There are so many things happening around the world that man has no control over and there are those things happening which are caused by man because of lack of knowledge or a mistake in judgment.

When there are earthquakes, bad storms, volcanoes, mud slides or other natural disasters, it all requires cleanup to put things back in order.

We have witnessed major oil spills from super tankers that take their toll on wildlife in the areas where they happen, as well as on the people living in those areas.

The major oil spill in Alaska from the super tanker going aground was a good example of a mistake by man which caused a huge problem for the coastal wildlife and the fishing industry in that area.

There were thousands of volunteers who helped clean up the beaches and rescue a huge portion of the wildlife that was trying to survive the oil spill. The people helping the wildlife did a great job, but there was a lot they didn’t get to in time. All the talking heads said it would take 25 to 30 years for things in that area to get back to normal.

Everything in nature tries to stay in balance by getting everything in place for the wildlife to continue as soon as possible. The Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) is the driving force behind everything that happens on this planet as well as the whole universe.

The balance in the area was started when the volunteers started their work and the energy brought forth from the universe soon had everything back in balance and the wildlife and shores along the water were back to normal in as little time as 3 to 4 years. Some of the areas are better now than they were before the oil spill. Another good example is in the gulf coast when the malfunction of the main shut off valve let millions of gallons of oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico and the fishing industry and wildlife was almost completely wiped out. The volunteers did a great job with the cleanup but it was the balancing energy of nature that helped bring the area back to normal a lot sooner than expected.

There will always be acts of nature and someday man may figure out backup systems for different projects and equipment that will take away the chances of destruction of the wildlife and our planet.

When all beings start recognizing the beauty of nature as the Creative Intelligence expressing Itself in all parts of the world, then the ways to protect and save all life can be accomplished.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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