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Arredondo re-elected

Madera Unified School District Area 6 Trustee Ricardo “Ric” Arredondo has won another term. He defeated challenger Lynn Cogdill by garnering more than 59 percent of the votes cast.

“This particular campaign was representative of the community coming together,” Arredondo said. “Maderans for a Maderan.”

At Tijuana’s Bar and Grill on 216 E. Yosemite Ave., Arredondo celebrated his campaign win Tuesday night with his friends, family, and those who helped in his re-election bid.

There, he also laid out a portion of his agenda for his new term, stating that he would “continue the good work that we have embarked on by incorporating collaboration from other governmental agencies as well as community organizations.”

Arredondo, who twice was president of the board of trustees, also expressed an interest in continuing to develop the special needs departments in Madera Unified schools.

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