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Madera church honors law enforcement

Members of the law enforcement community of Madera and Madera County were invited to a local church for a night of food, music, preaching and prayer, in appreciation for their service in keeping the community safe.

Back the Blue, which was held Saturday night at Grace Community Church at 17755 Road 26, was one congregation’s way of showing its support for officers in Madera. Among those in attendance were Madera Police Chief Steve Frazier, and Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney.

“You always want to feel appreciated,” Frazier said. “And things like this, it’s showing appreciation for law enforcement. I think the whole community grows as a result of that. I think it’s a very positive opportunity for interaction by law enforcement to the community we serve.”

Following a free meal, the Madera officers were treated to music performed by Madera County Department of Corrections officer, and Grace Community Church member Jerry King. After the music, Pastor Randy Brannon delivered a sermon to the officers in attendance, telling them that their work is a calling.

“God is a god of justice,” said Brannon in his sermon. “He demands justice of His people, follow justice and justice alone. It implies the necessity of law enforcement. God is always giving responsibility of enforcing the law to mankind.”

Following the service, all personnel, and their families, were invited to the front of the church for prayer.

Following Back the Blue’s success, which Brannon attributed to his church’s constituents, Grace Community hopes to have another event like it in the future.

“We like to see things raised up within the constituency of the church itself, because then they take ownership,” Brannon said. “And truly the men owned this activity, along with their families. And this is just the beginning, but it starts somewhere.”


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