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Inside the Game: Madera Coyotes 35

Player of the game: Joshua McMillon ran for 70 yards on 16 carries, which was good for 4.3 yards per carry in his last game for Madera. Coyote play callers fell in love with his physicality in the second half of the season as the senior workhorse became the go-to guy when the team needed a first down. McMillon ran with purpose in the rivalry game as he went seeking out contact with opponents, his running style epitomized what Coyote football represents.

Unsung Hero of the game: Jerry Hernandez rushed five times for 34 yards. He had his best passing performance of the season going 7-of-9 for 116 yards and two touchdowns through the first three quarters followed by two more fourth quarter touchdowns. Hernandez was able to move the offense in the game where his team needed it most.

Play of the game: The first down touchdown pass from junior quarterback Jerry Hernandez may have been the best throw of the entire season. With perfect timing and precision, Hernandez was able to drop a dime to Adrian Wilson in the left-corner end zone. To his credit, Wilson beat his man and put himself in position to make an over-the-shoulder catch and Hernandez did the rest.

Drive of the game: The Coyotes’ opening possession of the second half was a drive led by Hernandez that lasted 4:17 on 11 plays. Hernandez began the drive by completing a five-yard pass to senior wide receiver Michael Green and then rushing for four yards. A first down run by senior running back Jason Regua was brought back on a holding penalty. The Coyotes could’ve mailed it in, instead Hernandez responded by going right back to Regua for a completion of eight yards. McMillon, along with senior halfback Eric Escobar, pushed the line of scrimmage forward to the nine-yard line where the Coyotes faced fourth down. Hernandez found an open Michael Green in the end zone to end the drive with six points.


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