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There they go again, picking on Trump

Do you remember when Ronald Reagan told Jimmy Carter, “There you go again, Jimmy”? Well here we go again.

The RINOs (Republican in name only) are coming out of the woodwork when they see a conservative Republican leading the presidential campaign field. They not only feel it necessary to knock him down but to also blame him for splintering the Republican Party. So quickly they forget that they blamed the Tea Party patriots a few years back for splintering the Republican Party because they were “Too Conservative.”

Here we go again. Now that the Republican Party nominee is Donald Trump, the RINOs are back at it with the help of most of the large newspapers and the elite news media, of which most are socialists.

This also includes the crooked Democratic campaign. They are so afraid that Donald Trump is going to win that now they are pulling out all stops. They are not afraid that Trump will be a bad president but that he will be a good president. If Trump should win, he would set the socialist and one world government movement back at least 20-30 years and they know it!

When a bit of damaging information comes out against Clinton, you get nothing from the large newspapers and less than a minute of airtime from the elite media. But let someone release something so old you can’t prove it’s a lie on Trump and they’ll broadcast it for days repetitiously as the truth.

Now the big news is that Trump is stating that this coming election could possibly have some fraud in it. A lot of liberals are all up in arms. Has anyone heard of Motor Voter (Act) or absentee ballots? Anyone with an IQ of 20 knows absentee ballots are partly to blame for voter fraud with illegal aliens. That is why they open borders, to buy votes with our tax dollars.

One of the killers a few months back was found to have voted in three different states in the last election. Also add in the dead people that vote in all elections and then tell me we don’t have voter fraud!

I had a friend, Rose Marchetti, who tried to investigate the returns in a supervisorial election several years while she was on the Madera County Tax Payers Board and I think it was the CRLA filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit against her. She had to drop the investigation.

This is probably the most important election this country has ever seen. If for no other reason to think of, the Supreme Court! This is strictly my opinion but I still find it hard to believe Judge Scalia died of natural causes while on a hunting trip and in good health.

I could go on about the FBI, the attorney general, Bill Clinton and the crooked Democratic Campaign but I think I’ll save that for another day.

Vote Trump/Pence and save our country!!

— Sam Pistoresi, Madera

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