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MID partners with county for billing

Those who buy water from Madera Irrigation District may face billing and collection from Madera County’s tax collection office starting in a week, when property tax bills are mailed out mid-October.

Assessments for 2017 and standby charges for this year will appear on county tax bills as a line item direct charge named after MID, and will be subject to the county’s due dates and penalties. Bills for water usage or past delinquent assessments will continue to be handled by the irrigation district.

“We’ve been working on this for several months to make the transition for MID customers as simple and understandable as possible,” said Tracy Kennedy, county treasurer-tax collector. “When our property tax bills are mailed in mid-October, the 18,000 MID landowners will see a line item on their property tax bills … (with) your annual assessment.”

As before, the year’s assessment “will be divided into two installments and collected together with your property tax payments,” she said.

The charge can by paid by cash, cashier’s or bank check, or money order. Payments by credit card, debit card or electronic check will also be accepted — for an extra fee.

“MID encourages anyone with questions related to this transition to contact MID’s office or visit the MID website for more information,” said Thomas Greci, the district’s general manager.

For information, call the district at 673-3514 or visit

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