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Erica L. Hafkey

When Erica Hafkey joined 4-H, she was nine — so shy, so doubtful, and quiet.

“That’s not me now,” she said.

She now is in her fourth year in 4-H.

“I am the secretary of my club, and proud that I have grown greatly from the shy 9-year-old I used to be. I’ve grown into a strong, confident, loud and happy 12-year-old,” she said.

“4-H helped me stop being shy. I made a lot of my friends doing lots of projects together during this time, such as: community service, dog (my favorite), arts and crafts, sewing, public speaking, and food. I even became a historian for two years, which was a very nice experience.”

4-H has an amazing amount of activities, she said, and instead of saying, “I’m bored,” you can do all of those fun activities with your parents, friends, community and even your animals.

“4-H is a great place for everyone. It has changed my life and made it better. I’m sure it will change yours too.”

She said she loves her 4-H leaders, “teaching and guiding us to do better and to be prepared for life and not just for competitions.

“4-H has taught me not to be scared and to stand out, learn new things, help my community, meet friends, have fun, and be myself. Sure, even in 4-H there can be those people who are shy like I once was, but if you are that one shy person, push that behind you, and if you’re not, that shy person anymore, help someone else break out of that zone like I did.”

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