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Madera County officers recognized

For The Madera Tribune From left, Officer Richard Delgado, Past Lions District Governor Russ Custer, and Lion Robert Garibay, club secretary of the Madera Breakfast Lions Club and trustee of MUSD, with Garibay presenting a check for $1,000 to Camp Pacifica, represented by Custer, in Delgado’s name.


Madera Breakfast Lions and the board of Camp Pacifica have recognized the extensive community service work of Officer Richard Delgado and his team of volunteers from the Madera County Department of Corrections.

Delgado received a desk plaque Thursday morning from the Breakfast Lions in appreciation for the work he and his team have done in upkeep and improvements of the facilities and grounds at Camp Pacifica.

Delgado also became eligible for a Founders Award wall plaque when the Breakfast Lions donated $1,000 in Delgado’s name to Camp Pacifica.

Many have seen Officer Delgado and his crew of volunteers throughout Madera County, clearing weeds and debris along roads, painting over graffiti, and clearing trash (2-3 tons per month) and tires (350 per month) from orchards and roadsides throughout the County. Many may remember that Delgado made an overnight trip two years ago to southern California to pick up two trailers full of toys for children at Christmas. Delighted Madera children were unaware that Officer Delgado spent his own sleep time correcting an oversight by So Cal organizers.

At Camp Pacifica, Delgado and his crew have cleared fire hazards away from the cabins and other facilities.

  • They have cut firebreaks though the surrounding woods and have helped to clear the 54-acre camp of 160 dead trees lost to drought and beetle infestation.

  • They did the heavy work of installing a metal fence corral.

  • They have gutted the interior of the dining hall and installed a new ceiling and fixtures.

  • They have painted cabin interiors, installed new curtains, and ceiling fans. “Officer Delgado’s good will and good works would be stillborn without the vision and support of the Madera County Board of Supervisors and the Department of Corrections,” said a news release from the Lions. “When one’s supervisors understand and assent to this kind of work, it takes place.

“It has been noted that Officer Delgado’s crews quickly acquire a sense of pride in what they do for others, giving to their community, rather than taking from it. “

Camp Pacifica is owned and operated by the District 4-A1 Lions Clubs. It is a non-profit organization whose lifeblood is volunteerism. The camp provides deaf and hard-of-hearing children and youth an opportunity to experience the out of doors in a beautiful mountain setting – located on Highway 49 near the Mariposa County line. At other times during camping season, children with diabetes, foster youth, and youths engaged in service activities are afforded weeklong stays at the camp.


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