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Inside the Game: Golden West 52, Madera South 35

Player of the game: Golden West’s Gonzalo Rodriguez ran for four touchdowns to lead the Trailblazers, leaving Madera South’s defense far behind. Whenever the Stallions scored, he seemed ready to destroy any hope of a comeback, and they were simply unable to keep pace.

Unsung hero of the game: Though it did nothing to change the course of the game, backup quarterback Steven Alaniz ran a touchdown on the last play of the game. This score was a defiant moment for the Stallions, who, though beaten, were able to get the last point of the game. It showed Golden West that Madera South’s spirit was anything but broken. The Stallions lost, but left the stadium with dignity for their offense.

Play of the game: The Trailblazers were set for a touchdown when Mathew Manoz caught an interception around the Madera South’s 15-yard line. This marked one of the few times that Madera South was able to stop a Golden West drive. Madera South was then able to score a touchdown on the next drive. It was a rare high for the Stallions that game.

Drive of the game: With Golden West leading 15-0 in the first quarter, the Stallions desperately needed to get on the board. In Madera South’s second drive, it started at it’s own 38-yardline. Maurice McClain ran for 21 yards in two plays, and Jonah Johnson went a further 13-yards on a quarterback keep. The Stallions scored a touchdown with a 10-yard run by Jacob Kirkpatrick, showing that Madera South would not go down without a fight.


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