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Inside the Game: Madera South 42, Hoover Patriots 20

Player of the game: Jonah Johnson threw for 238 yards, and three touchdown passes. He also rushed 42 yards, and ran in Madera South’s first two touchdowns. Another run made by Johnson resulted in a successful two-point conversion.

Unsung hero of the game: Isaiah Williams got this title at the end of the first quarter with an interception near Madera South’s 12-yard line. This play resulted in a change in the game’s momentum. The Stallions would take the lead in the next drive, and hold it for the remainder of the night.

Play of the game: For Madera South’s first score score of the second half, Jaylan Neal caught 49-yard pass by Jonah Johnson in the 3rd quarter. This play came after a Hoover touchdown in their last possession, which came to them by a Stallions fumble. The Johnson/Neal play kept the momentum of the game from shifting to Hoover.

Drive of the game: In Madera South’s first drive of the second quarter, the Stallions had the ball at their own 17-yard line. An interception by Williams had just stopped Hoover from taking the lead. Instead, Madera South drove 83 yards in six plays. A run by Johnson gave Madera South the lead.


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