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Oakhurst executive pleads no contest

The president of a senior center in Oakhurst is looking at a possible year in jail for elder abuse.

According to Madera County District Attorney David A. Linn, Kathryn “Katie” Davis, 54, changed her plea in court from not guilty to no contest, and was found guilty of financial elder abuse. The decision was announced on Monday.

“I believe the outcome is appropriate for this disputed case,” Linn said. “Considering the victim’s age, I have no desire to put him through the stress of a trial if justice could be acheived by another manner.

“Sometimes doing justice just doesn’t mean throwing someone in jail. In this case, we hoped to obtain the money that was taken, and return it, for the benefit of the victim.”

Linn has agreed to reduce Davis’ charge to a misdemeanor, with formal probation, on the condition that she pay a sum of $30,000 to the victim and his family.

Davis, who was president of the Sierra Senior Center in Oakhurst, was arrested on June 23 after a month-long investigation found that that had bilked around $20,000 from an elderly man she reportedly knew from work, according to Madera County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Bill Ward. The investigation was conducted by the sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office.

“We will aggressively prosecute any elder abuse that occurs within Madera County,” Linn told Gina Clugston of Sierra News Online. “Whether by residents or those outside the county- anyone who is attempting to take advantage of our seniors.”

Davis is due to return to court on Nov. 28 for sentencing. She could face a possible sentence of one year in Madera County Jail, plus felony probation.


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