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Children removed from apartment

2 suspects due in court

A Madera man and woman are scheduled to appear in court next month, after drugs were found in the apartment they shared with four children.

According to Madera County District Attorney David A. Linn, Juan Gabriel Barboza, 39, and Amada Frausto, 33, were ordered on Tuesday by Madera County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Rigby to return to court on Sept. 8 for a preliminary setting and a pretrial, respectively.

Barboza was arrested last Thursday when he was spotted in a vehicle by Madera police in the parking lot of the King’s Inn, 1855 W. Cleveland Ave.

According to Madera Police Det. Sgt. Johnnie Smith, Barboza, who was on parole, was initially approached by police for inspection. It was at this point that he reportedly tried to get out of the inspection.

“The guy gets out of the vehicle, drops the keys inside, locks it, and walks away real fast,” Smith said. “He knows he’s open to search and seizure, so he figures if he locks the car, and gets rid of the keys, that he won’t have to go back in, and have a vehicle search.”

Police, however, called a tow company to open the vehicle, and upon inspection, reportedly found approximately 7.6 grams of what was believed to be methamphetamine for sale.

Barboza was arrested and asked where he was living. According to Smith, Barboza told police he was living with his girlfriend and her family in an apartment on Georgia Circle.

Upon arriving at the apartment, there was an eviction notice by the Madera County Sheriff’s Office found on the door.

Inside, officers were said to have found Frausto with four children inside. The conditions, Smith stated, were unsanitary, and more methamphetamine was allegedly found. It was at this point that the children were taken from the residence, and were placed in protective custody.

Smith said when children are found to be within reach of drugs, police “certainly are going to do everything they can to take these kids into protective custody, and get them out of there, and that’s what they did.”

Frausto was charged with possession for the drugs inside the house, but was later released. She is currently being charged with misdemeanor offenses. In Tuesday’s hearing, Barboza was found ineligible to make bail, and is currently being held in Madera County Jail.


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