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Inner feeling guides one’s life

“That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man.” — Ephesians 3:16 It was just before Christmas holidays in 1971. My friend Richard had taken his wife to the big mall in town to pick up the gifts she had on layaway. He stayed in the car, in the big parking lot of the mall, while his wife picked up the layaway items.

While he was sitting in his car a lady in a new Cadillac parked a couple of spaces from where Richard was parked. The lady had only left the car about five minutes when a tow truck backed up to her car and started hooking it up to be towed.

Richard had an inner feeling — a “gut feeling” — something not right was happening.

He got out of his car and went to the security booth in the parking lot and let the officer know what he had seen.

The officer called the city of Akron police department and within five minutes there was an unmarked car parked next to the Cadillac. The tow truck left with the Cadillac and the unmarked car followed the tow truck out of the parking lot.

Richard told me the next day what he saw and what he did about what he felt was happening. When I got home from work that evening and was reading the newspaper, there was a whole story of how the unmarked police car had followed the tow truck to a farm about 20 miles from the mall.

When the tow truck got to the farm there were other people there to meet it. When other police were called in they found a chop shop operation going on and arrested several people who were involved in the operation.

There were several other new cars in the building that were being disassembled and the parts sold to other people.

It was the “gut feeling” Richard had that was the key unlocking information the police were trying to find.

The Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) created the human species with intuition, or it could be called the soul, that can give one the inner feeling when something isn’t right in one’s experience.

The scripture verse from Ephesians refers to the “spirit of the inner man,” which I relate to the inner feeling or the soul.

When one pays attention to the inner feeling, or the so-called gut feeling, when making a choice, then the choice made is always for the best and highest good of everyone. We are never alone because the soul is always there and is always ready to respond to whatever is asked of it.

The understanding of who we are and our recognition of the Creative Intelligence as the source of all of our good, which includes the thoughts we get and the knowledge to take the right action on those thoughts, is the result of the soul in action.

I feel the soul is an extension of the Creative Mind of the Universe (God) and man can use the Creative Energy of the One Mind by paying attention to the inner feeling one gets when making a choice.

When one follows the inner feeling, which comes direct from the Creative Mind, then one’s life is a joy and the new days are always welcome to the trust one has in the Creative Intelligence (God). The inner feeling Richard had is a good example of how this Creative Mind expresses itself through the human species on this planet and should be recognized as the energy everyone should share.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science). He can be contacted at 673-5703.

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