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Mail theft a problem for Madera County

Deputies of the Madera County Sheriff’s Office are warning residents about a growing problem of mail being stolen.

According to Madera County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Bill Ward, this has been a continuing issue, particularly in rural areas, where residents rely on roadside mailboxes.

“Stealing from an unsecured mailbox only takes a few seconds, but problems arising from the theft can take months or longer to resolve,” Ward said. “Identity theft and other types of fraud are the usual occurrences.”

There have been several reported cases of mail theft, and arrests made in such matters since July, with callers spotting people opening the mailboxes of others.

To combat this problem, Ward advised Madera County residents to place outgoing mail in slots at the post office, or to hand it to letter carriers. He also advised that received mail should be taken in immediately, and never left in the mailbox overnight. In addition, Ward advised residents to stay vigilant to prevent such crimes.

“Neighbors should watch out for each other and report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office immediately,” Ward said.

The Sheriff’s Office can be reached by phone at 675-7770.


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