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A mother’s protective action is love in motion

“Love is that which is and cannot be explained. It is common to all people, and all animal life and reigns supreme over all. God is love and love is God.” — "The Hidden Power of the Bible" by Ernest Holmes It is such a gratifying and joyful experience to sit on my patio and watch nature in action.

About two years ago I had a visitor show up two or three times a week looking for food and water. It was a grey fox that was seen in different parts of the neighborhood and didn’t seem to be afraid of people or some of the people’s pets. My little dog, Holly, would bark and chase it out of the back yard.

As time went on the fox got braver and didn’t run when Holly would bark and try to chase it. The fox and Holly seemed to become friends and would chase each other and at times get close enough to be nose to nose with each other. It was a great relationship and they both enjoyed the times together.

I enjoyed watching them chase and play together. Things changed about six weeks ago when the fox showed up with two kits with her. I assumed she was the mother by the way she would protect the kits when Holly would come close to them. The kits would hide in the grapevines and the mother would stay between them and Holly when Holly would get close to the kits. There were times when the mother fox would get kind of aggressive and was ready to fight if she had to when Holly would not back down and retreat.

It was the love of the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) in action, through the mother, protecting her young from any danger. That is part of the built-in protective energy at the time of creation for all species to survive. I know we have all heard stories and maybe have seen animals protecting their young and will give their own lives if need be.

That is the protective energy in all life on this planet and that even applies to plants.

Research has proven some plants react with protective ways when threatened by pesticides or even other plants close by. Two of the same kind of trees will grow close to one another, but when a different kind of tree is put close by, the trees will lean away from each other. That is the love of the Creative Intelligence, which is difficult to explain, but is part of all life on this planet and will stay that way because it was part of creation at the beginning of time.

All life on this planet can live in true harmony when it is understood that the Creative Intelligence is always in action and I see the day coming when the mother fox and the two kits will all be playing with Holly in the back yard for my enjoyment. All beings should recognize and know God is love and love is God in action and the harmony created from that energy will make this planet and the universe a better place for all to enjoy.


The Rev. Jim Fox is senior minister emeritus of the Madera Spiritual Awareness Center, which teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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