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What was Couric doing next to Bill?

A sharp-eyed cameraman spotted TV personality Katie Couric seated at the right hand of former President Bill Clinton Monday night. and she occasionally would jump up and cheer at something a speaker would say. Which is a little odd, because Couric still claims to be a journalist. She is billed as the global news anchor of Yahoo. One would think that if she were actually a news anchor, she would tend not to cheer a political speech.

Maybe she actually is a cheerleading anchor.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with cheerleading at a political convention. But usually the cheerleading is reserved for delegates. News people, even phony ones, are supposed to look sober, listen carefully and prepare themselves to ask questions if they can get close enough to anybody worth asking.

Perhaps Katie Couric has given up the Yahoo news business and joined the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Why else would she be seated in the president’s box, next to the former president himself? Here is the only other probable answer to that question. She probably was invited to sit there by Bill Clinton himself. It’s doubtful he would arrive at his box to sit down for the speeches and find Katie Couric just sitting there waiting for him. One would not imagine Ms. Couric would get past the bodyguards, even though she is a well known personality.

Now, here’s another question: Did Mrs. Clinton know Katie Couric would be sitting next to the ex-president? She could, after all, have invited Couric to sit in that chair to keep anyone else from sitting there. President Clinton did not appear to be particularly thrilled to have Katie Couric sitting next to him, even though she was doing a good job of cheerleading.

Sitting at Clinton’s left was Donna Brazile, described on Wikipedia as an author, political analyst and interim chair of the Democratic National Committee. The reason she is interim chair is because her predecessor as chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was fired when word leaked out she had been trying to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This was discovered through email leaks.

Schultz, it is said, will be working with Hillary Clinton on her presidential campaign. Could there be more email problems in the making? It’s something to watch for.

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