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Local quarry decision irks residents

When some Madera County supervisors had no questions on an 11,000-page EIR (Environmental Impact Report) during a seven-hour meeting Tuesday, it was painfully obvious that nothing said by any concerned oppositional (sic) party would be taken into consideration.

Conditions and mitigations so a company can profit while causing irreparable harm to the citizens of Madera County through environmental, water, noise, traffic and pollution should never be tolerated, and it is unfortunate, but not surprising, that our elected and appointed officials condone and even welcome these projects to our county.

Holding disdain for the constituents and just waiting for them to finish so they could cast their vote, which was already formulated, the “good ole boy” mentality of Madera County shines through once again.

These are just some of my thoughts, and once again it was a sad day for “we the people” of Madera County.

— Respectfully, John Cline, 30-year resident of Madera County and affected property owner of the approved Austin Quarry project.

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