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The Madera Tribune’s new products

We are gradually making some changes at The Madera Tribune to accommodate the needs and preferences of our readers who like to read things online.

Most recent is the beta version of our new email newsletter, which I would be glad to send to you free (click here to be added). We are designing it to provide you with a wide choice of news and feature items, both local and regional. We send it out Monday through Saturday, timed to arrive at your computer, tablet or cell phone in the early afternoon.

We also have made some improvements on our free website, providing you with more up-to-date news on a daily basis in a graphically more appealing manner.

And, we continue to produce our e-edition, an electronic duplicate of our printed newspaper, which comes out every Wednesday and Saturday.

We would very much appreciate any suggestions you may have for any or all of these products. The principal reason for producing a beta version is to try different things before adopting them permanently.

We tend to be slow adopters here, primarily because the editor is an old fogey and a technological moron.

You might ask what a beta version is and why we would need a beta version of something so basic as an email. Here is what some geniuses say:

“The beta version of a product is considered to be a preview; though it may include many standard features, it is not yet ready for wide release. During this phase, the developers collect feedback from users about the product’s functionality, including what they like and what should be changed before it becomes permanent. A beta version of a program can be either ‘closed,’ which is limited to a specific group of users, or ‘open,’ which is available to the general public. Ours is open.”

Thanks for participating, if you wish to do so.

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