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Local CHP to hold Coffee with a Cop

Officers with Madera County’s office of the California Highway Patrol are getting ready to host Coffee with a Cop in Madera.

The event, set to take place 7:30 a.m. June 27 at the Starbucks on Avenue 16 and State Route 99, offers Madera citizens a chance to converse with law enforcement over free coffee, and air their concerns and questions for CHP officers.

“The majority of contacts law enforcement has with the public happen during emergencies, or emotional situations,” said CHP spokesman Officer Josh McConnell. “Those situations are not always the most effective times for relationship building with the community, and some community members may feel officers are unapproachable on the street.”

Coffee with a Cop has also been used by officers with the Madera Police Department. These events, according to police, have helped to build on public relations in Madera.

“Coffee with a Cop is just a time for community and law enforcement to get together over a casual environment and ask and answer questions, and get to know each other on a personal level,” said Madera Police Officer Matthew McCombs at one such event. “We get to meet the people we serve.”

Those with questions are encouraged to contact Officer McConnell at 675-1025.

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