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Keeping our cultural identity is important

In watching the video of Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting on the proposed off-highway-vehicle park location at Black Hawk Mountain, I found it interesting, if not contradictory that Supervisor Wheeler would give more weight to the Mono and Chukchansi “wait and see” positions because they are “local” instead of the other four tribes which are opposed to the motorcycle park project site.

In the same breath he considers “thousands” (?) of non-local OHV petitioners to be more valid than the locals who oppose this location.

Unknown to me is an answer as to whether those “thousands” signed a petition that specifically named Black Hawk Mountain as an actual location. Out of town, non-residents are probably not going to care much about our cultural, natural and historical treasures because it’s “not in their backyard.”

I applaud the supervisors’ unanimous decision to preserve the historically significant and valuable old library building. Black Hawk Mountain deserves the same if not greater consideration.

— Ray Krause, O’Neals


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