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Celebrate 4th of July responsibly

It is but 11 days after the summer solstice, and yet Independence Day’s falling on a weekend makes it feel like summer’s halfway point.

Why do we celebrate the birth of our nation by blowing up stuff? I suppose it does pay homage to our national anthem and the words of Francis Scott Key, “The rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air…”

All of this weekend’s pyrotechnics will be hard on your pets. Safeguard your animals by bringing them indoors for the night. Even little dogs can climb fences if they are scared enough. If they still manage to get lost, check the animal shelter and place a free lost dog classified ad in The Madera Tribune. Call early, 674-2424, because the deadline for our Mid-Week edition is noon on Tuesday.

As parched as the ongoing drought has left the Golden State it is surprising the government hasn’t outlawed all public sale of fireworks, even the Safe and Sane type. Anyone reading this and planning amateur pyrotechnics please be smart about it. Have a bucket of water and a hose at the ready. After the sparks on the fountain, roman candles or sparklers are spent place them in the bucket of water. The hose should be standing by, in case things get out-of-hand...

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