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Plan ahead for Madera District Fair

Where does the time go? Can you believe this year is half over already? I made such ambitious plans around Christmas time to do everything I could to avoid the holiday rush and madness. Yeah, right...time slips past you as you deal with everyday life and then blammo! Next thing you know you hear “Jingle Bells” on the radio and see commercials for the latest and greatest toys, games, jewelry and other gifts.

So, I am not surprised to realize that the Madera District Fair already has its Exhibitor’s Handbook out for this year. The fair will run Sept. 8 to 11 and online entries open Friday. There will be three special contests for those of you who would like to enter:

  • Homegrown pies.

  • Barbecued baby back ribs.

  • Salsa.

Each contest has prizes to award. First place is $75, second is $50 and third is $25. There are additional prizes of first place at $20, second at $15 and third at $10. Entry fees are only $2 each.

The special contests require that recipes be submitted on white, 5-by-8-inch recipe cards. If they are not, be prepared to copy your recipe onto the correct card at receiving (when you deliver your pie, ribs or salsa)...

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