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All life is connected through one creator

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” — Genesis 1:1 While sitting on my patio, enjoying the sounds of nature in my backyard, I caught a glimpse of a grey fox that must have been looking for a drink of water. The sprinklers had been on and had shut off about an hour before I saw the fox. It didn’t stay long because my wonderful boxer (Tyson) saw it and gave chase.

Tyson kept all the animals out of the backyard most of the time. I saw the fox a few more times after that but it didn’t stay long because the smell of Tyson was always present. That was Tyson’s job each day, to check the whole yard for the smell of critters that might have come in the yard during the night.

That happened about three years ago and now Tyson has made his transition. That left me with my granddaughter’s little dog that tried to take over the duty of keeping the backyard free of cats and other animals who were always coming in the yard for food or water. The little dog (Holly) barked a lot and the cats got to where they didn’t pay much attention to her. Neither did the other animals that were afraid of Tyson when he was on patrol...

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