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Madera Ag holds off Perkos for win

In a rematch of the AAA City Championship, Madera National Little League and City champions Madera Ag came away with a victory over Madera American Little League champions Perko’s Cafe, but it was closer than the City Championship game.

Madera Ag held an eight-run lead heading into the top of the sixth inning. Perko’s kept its eyes on the ball and drew six walks while scoring six runs on no hits before Madera Ag got the final out of a 13-11 District 10 Tournament of Championship victory Tuesday.

Madera Ag defeated Perko’s 14-1 on Saturday when Perko’s had just eight players on its roster.

Using four different pitchers, Madera Ag manager Seth McKeever had to watch nervously while his pitchers allowed 13 walks over six innings...

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