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New ideas come about as need increases

“Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us.” — Psalms 67:6 I watched a program a few days ago on television about a new plane being tested at Edwards Air Force Base here in California that would transport people faster than the speed of sound. It was very interesting and led me to thinking about how far this country has advanced since Wilbur and Orville used the parts of a bicycle to build a machine that would fly.

We all know the story of the Wright Brothers and what a difference those men made in the lives of all who were born into this experience since the airplane was developed from the idea those brothers followed through with. Long before the airplane made its appearance, the transportation used in this country by man was a horse, then came the carriage behind the horse, which developed into the stagecoach from city to city. Then came the train, after the rails were laid from coast to coast and steamboat on the rivers and lakes. Before that were the ships with sails which crossed the oceans.

Man has always tried to make traveling from place to place a big part of life on this planet. The automobile was probably most important of all because of the freedom it allowed people to take advantage of and make their life more enjoyable. The improvements made in transportation have helped the human species more than any other development in the lives of people around the world...

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