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The angels that surround us are there for a reason

"There is nothing you need to do first to be enlightened."

-- Thadeus Golas

With the heaviest traveled weekend of the year coming up, I realize the road service companies will be overwhelmed with phone calls from people stranded along the highways.

We are so fortunate to have these companies to rely on if we are sitting in a hot vehicle and there is no power to move that vehicle or to keep the inside cool from the air conditioner. The most beautiful sight for one to see at that time would be a roadside service truck pulling in behind them with a very qualified person to take care of their needs and get the car either back on the road or tow it to a repair shop.

I recognize these wonderful people providing a service as angels in disguise. I know the joy of fully trusting the Creative Force of the Universe (God) that is everywhere present and is at the center of our being at all times. I feel I am divinely protected at all times and I trust the universe in all I do and in all situations that may not seem so good at the time ...

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