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Perez overcomes with second chance

Not very many stories have that happy ending many would see in a Disney movie, but for former Madera Coyote softball star Brianna Perez, her story has that happy ending many would tear over.

Near the end of her junior season in her second chance at York College in Nebraska, Perez felt a pop in her left knee. After playing a few more games on that injured knee, she found out she needed surgery. However, a three-month rehabilitation process stretched to six months because she needed to replace her anterior cruciate ligament for a second time.

"I did that recovery in high school, but was nervous how my body would recover from there," Perez said. "They said they were going to take my hamstring and make it your ACL. I was in shock and really upset."

About a year later, Perez returned to Madera after graduating from York College with a degree in business administration after having one of the best softball seasons York has seen or will see...


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