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Exploring Middle Eastern cuisine

Not too long ago, I finally got brave enough to branch out and explore some new (to me) cuisines, with Middle Eastern being one of them.

I thought I would have to get used to some of the unfamiliar ingredients (or different combinations of familiar ones), but to my surprise, I liked everything I tasted right away. Now I am having a lot of fun venturing into this new territory and adding to my recipe collection.

I admit I am way behind most people in my culinary adventures, but recently I realized I was limiting myself and getting a bit same-o, same-o with my meals. So please do join me today as I share some of my favorite recipes that take us to places out of our ordinary everyday territory. Lamb kafta A common way to eat kafta is to wrap the meat in lavash (thin, unleavened flatbread), along with fresh herbs, onions and various sauces...

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