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Voting is important

I received my presidential primary ballot in the mail this week. My status is permanent vote by mail. This is what once was called absentee voting. That term has fallen out of favor. I find it hard to keep up with all the politically correct terms in our vocabulary.

Speaking with a farmer this week, I asked him if it was still okay to call him that or if he preferred the term grower. He said he still used the term farmer and thought it could be a generational distinction. The younger agronomist favor the term grower; he said he is proud to be a farmer.

As a girl growing up in Madera knowing and using the latest slang terms were very important if you wanted to be cool. A visit to reveals a list of terms that brings back funny memories. Not all the phrases on the list are familiar. That could be because by 1975 I thought I was a grown up and knowing the latest cool jargon was no longer a high priority.

Here it is 40 years later I am back to trying to learn the correct terminology for things I thought I knew...

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