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To all the moms out there

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms out there. Enjoy your breakfast in bed, flowers and gifts you deserve them. I see you, but wouldn’t want to be you! Being an adult orphan is no fun. I miss my mother and father every day. I have been looking at a lot of fun photographs like the one in today’s Tribune.

They are so young and so beautiful. I wish who I am now could spend a day with them, then. Not the most profound statement I have ever written, but very heart felt.

In this photo Daddy is wearing either a suit or at the very least a sports coat with a bright red tie, his favorite color. In my memories of him from this period he is always wearing white Quality Dairy pants and shirt. During this same period my mom memories have her dressed head to toe in her white nurse uniform, stockings and shoes. We used a lot of bleach in our house, keeping those uniforms white.

Is it any wonder my childhood recollections resemble newsprint? ...

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