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Madera South competitors rank at FFA conference

FRESNO – The Madera FFA chapter had three students win their respective proficiency award categories this past month at the 88th State FFA Leadership Conference in Fresno and now qualifies to compete at the national level.

Mark Cavallero, a Madera South High School graduate, was named the state winner in viticulture production. He owns 10 acres of Thompson Seedless grapes, which are harvested to produce champagne. His future plans include continuing to increase his vineyard and becoming a PCA. The Viticulture Production Proficiency Award focuses on an individual who excels in the production and management of grapes and honors students who have achieved in their endeavors as entrepreneurs in the grape and by-product industry. The state award is sponsored by Sun-Maid Growers of California in this proficiency area.

The state winner in Swine Entrepreneurship Production was Clayton Sheehan. Clayton, a senior at Madera South High School who runs a 15 pig farm. He sells his hogs to local 4-H and FFA members, who exhibit them across California at local and state fairs. The Swine Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency Award focuses on students who have successfully developed production and marketing of their swine ownership project.

California Pork Producers Association sponsors the state award and Akey sponsors the national award in this proficiency area...


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