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May 30, 2020

Chuck Doud/The Madera Tribune

Places of worship, salons and barbershops are now open in Madera County, since the state on Tuesday okayed the opening of such shops under rules of the Department of Public Health, which has been trying to keep the people safe since the onset earlier this year of the coronavirus pandemic. Rudy Contraras, right, and Julian Hernandez spent a busy day Wednesday trimming the hair and beards of their customers at Ruben’s Barbershop at 1621 Howard Road. The men in town hurried to their barbers because they didn’t want to be picked up by the dog catcher.

The Madera Tribune believes by supporting each other we will get through this COVID-19 virus together. Our businesses play an essential part in our community. Thank You for being open to serve customers.


If you have or know of a business that is open but not on this list, email Corrie Valdez, at New names will be added weekly in Saturday’s edition of The Madera Tribune newspaper. Please call local businesses for details.


47th Place Carpet, 674-4621


Braga Organic Farms/The Nut Shop, 661-2101


Brian’s Heating & Air, 675-1681


California Grill, 831-2161


Cal-Pacific Supply, 662-8681


CB Premier Real Estate, 673-9178


Creative Copy, 675-8281


Diamond Communications, 673-5925


Dominici Carpet Cleaning, 674-9391


Electric Bros. Auto, 674-5043 (By appointment)


Elite Home & Auto Insurance Agency, Seann Garcia, 675-8400


Enos Hardware, 673-9128


Evans Feed & Livestock, 673-9420


Eye Candy, 416-7374


Foster & Parker Insurance, 674-8536 (By appointment only)


Garza Plumbing & Building Contractor Inc., 674-7082


General Building Supply/GBS, 674-8542


George’s Auto Supply, 673-5117


Gill Auto Service Dept., 674-5661


Gong Chiropractic, 673-8888 


Granite Mountain, 438-2100


Great Beginnings Learning Center, 675-3930


GT Auto Center ,673-9900


Habitat Restore, 395-4011


Holidays Auto Service, 674-4316


Kuchenbecker Tractor, 674-2496


Lee’s Concrete Materials, 673-9189


Leighton’s Jewelers, 674-8036 (By appointment)


Madera Ag, 665-2300


Madera Animal Hospital, 674-9871


Madera Auto Center Service Department, 674-9000  


Madera Blinds & Shutters Kevin Massetti, 706-2459 (By appointment only)


Madera Cleaners & Laundry, 674-8831 


Madera Ford & Service, 661-5405 


Madera Glass & Body Shop, 674-8559


Madera Small Engine Repair, 661-4480


Master Storage, 664-3910


The Madera Tribune, 674-2424


Madera Workforce, 662-4500


Midland Tractor, 674-8757


Mike’s Mini Storage, 661-4100


Plaza Flowers Shop, 673-9197


Praxair, 674-7306


Producers Livestock, 674-5674


Purl’s Sheet Metal, 674-2774


Rico’s Memorial Stones Inc., 416-7416


RidX, 479-0485


Ron’s Automotive Repair Center, 673-0122 (By appointment)


Peck’s Printery, 674-5401


Peters Brothers Nursery, 673-7117


Seabury Copland Insurance, 673-7027 (By appointment only)


Sergio’s Welding, 674-8454


Schoettler Tire, 674-4678


Teco Farm & Industrial Hardware, 673-3504


The Pines Resort, 642-3121



Tesei Petroleum, 673-3597


TSF Vineyard & Orchard Removal, 352-0653


Vail Insurance Services, 673-0100 (Phone and internet appointment only)


Venturi’s House of Music, 674-0071


Vince’s Pool Service, 673-1162


United Rentals, 673-2343


Wiebe Real Estate, 363-4940 (By appointment, internet or phone)

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