Letter: Writer still mourns death of nephew who committed suicide

January 22, 2020

For The Madera Tribune

Bradley Babcock, nephew of D.H. Ransom. Babcock, who was an All-American swimmer at Fresno Pacific University, won the 2009/2010 NAIA National Championship (rings shown below).

This is my nephew Bradley Babcock who went to Fresno Pacific University. He was an All-American swimmer there and his team won the NAIA National Championship in 2009/10. Prior to that he was an All-American water polo player at American River College in Sacramento. He was also Dow Ransom, Jr.’s, grandson. 


On 8/16/2011, he committed suicide. It was a tragic loss for the family and is one of the reasons I moved here — to help the family heal.


— D.H.Ransom, III,



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