Supporters show up for ‘Get Out The Vote’ rally

November 7, 2018

Corrie Valdez/The Madera Tribune
From left are Elizabeth Heng, John Cox, Rob Poythress and Greg Conlon pose in front of California Candidate for Governor John Cox’s “Help Is On the Way” tour bus.

California Candidate for Governor John Cox rolled into Madera to show his support for Republican candidates Rob Poythress for State Senate, 12th District; Elizabeth Heng, for U.S. Congress, District 16th; and Greg Conlon for State Treasurer.


As he stepped off his bus to enthusiastic supporters, Cox rallied the crowd by talking about issues that matter to California taxpayers. Poythress also spoke on important issues. Heng and Conlon talked about getting your family, friends and neighbors to vote on Tuesday.


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