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Winter sports All-League athletes

April 13, 2018

Boys Basketball

Madera South Stallions

Hakeem Primes- 2nd team

Junior Segura- Honorable mention

Liberty Hawks

Roy Afonin- 1st team

Girls Basketball

Madera Coyotes

Alyssa Fernandez- 2nd team

BriAnn Houghton- Honorable mention

Madera South Stallions

Lexi Eller- 1st team


Aleecia Rosel- 2nd team

Lei’Nya Bartlow- Honorable mention

Liberty Hawks

Ashton Berry- 2nd team

Boys Soccer

Madera Coyotes

Seth Valencia- 1st team

Ricardo Lopez- 2nd team

Ryan DaRocha- Honorable mention


Juan Perez- Honorable mention

Madera South Stallions

Kevin Osuna- 1st team

Christian Garcia- 1st team

Alex Castro- 2nd team

Steven Arvizu- 2nd team

Diego Hipolito- 2nd team

Angel Avila- Honorable mention

Liberty Hawks

Jose Maravilla- Underclassman of the Year

Charlie Smith- 1st team

Mitchell Bennett- 1st eam

Miguel Duran- 2nd team

Corey Pringle- Honorable mention

Eric Halverson- Honorable mention

Aramel Villa- Honorable mention

Girls Soccer

Madera Coyotes

Yvette Zuniga- 1st team

Mia Alvarez- 1st team

Brooke Gill- 2nd team

Noemi Cabello- Honorable mention

Anyssa Garcia- honorable mention

Madera South Stallions

Nayeli Garcia- 2nd team

Gabriela Jaimes- 2nd team

Makayla Martinez- 2nd team

Jasmine Salazar- Honorable mention

Anahi Casillas- Honorable mention

Liberty Hawks

Holly Strong- Most Valuable Player

Carly Tynan- Defensive Player of the Year

Brooke Wristen- 1st team

Zoey Richey- 1st team

Lauren Alexander- 2nd team

Mattie McCombs- 2nd team

Carly Tynan- 2nd team

Sofia Garibay- 2nd team

Sara Garibay- Honorable mention


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