Trying to understand ‘Trump derangement syndrome’

Perhaps every one of us, as have I, need to take a step back and reassess that which is happening right now in The United States. The “nutty left” composed of much of California, Hollywood, some in sports — specifically professional football and much or the media have displayed such hatred for this President that they have found their audience ratings falling precipitously. Remember that ratings which represent viewership convert to money and represent the very lifeblood of this currently deranged group. It is so prevalent that it has been provided a name...Trump Derangement Syndrome!

I won’t even pretend to understand such behavior which is basically childish. It just strikes me that when America is doing well and prospering — as it now is — every single American is the beneficiary.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” The job of Commander in Chief is, in itself, a tough enough job without having to literally drag the negativity of almost one-half of this country toward our goal. Democrats and Berniecrats need to just accept the fact they lost the election. You get to try again the next time — it’s the American way. This pettiness you display is not acceptable.

We hope that Hollywood got the message last Sunday evening when their ratings were off about 20 percent year over year. Roger Goodell and The National Football League saw ticket sales, attendance figures and television ratings plummet because of their silly anti-American stance involving the flag. One can only hope that these entities, as well as the countless other information and entertainment media, understand the message being sent by millions of hard working Americans who believe in this great country. They like this return to the strong world respected America they grew up in.  Right now, right here in America a little respect between the left and the political right would go a long way toward beginning the healing process.

Come to think of it, what’s not like in today’s America? You may be unhappy that your candidate didn’t win. The seemingly endless tweets of President Trump may upset you or even the man’s personality may seem incompatible with what we see as a polite society but he does keep promises, he gets things done and he loves his country. Those are the main items we should demand in a national leader.

All economic indicators indicating job growth and more money being left in the paychecks of Americans are tremendous positives.

Many are upset with his elimination of a DACA program created by President Obama which most reasonable people agree was well beyond his Constitutional purview. Immigration laws are to be established by the House of Representatives and the Senate. This is not a subject left to Executive Order by the Executive branch. If Congress truly wishes to do anything about the E.O. being lifted then they should act. We sincerely believe that Democrats don’t want to do anything because they prefer to have it as an election issue this November.

State officials would be better served if they stopped doing foolish things designed to hinder Federal law enforcement and stop making foolish pronouncements such as the one recently uttered by the

Mayor of Oakland. This woman has literally committed a Federal crime with her warning of ICE arrests of criminal illegals. It remains to see if there is any punitive action but our government is certainly entitled to introduce her Honor, the Mayor to the inside of a jail cell.

All I ask is what is called for — simple common sense. Donald J. Trump is our elected President. There will be no impeachment even if Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff continue to proclaim it on a daily basis. Wishful thinking will never make it so. Why don’t we all begin to pull together to truly restore America to greatness. A regular display of hate-filled rhetoric and obstinance is a drag on the efforts of true Americans everywhere.

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.

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