Local, state ongoings raise ire

December 22, 2017

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

City Hall protest

A group of locals set a meeting time to gather outside the city hall administration building to protest the recent expose of city officials’ salaries.

“Jennifer Hollesen” wrote, “Time and day don’t work for me, and probably most people who don’t have the Christmas break off. I hope you guys make waves and something changes.”

“April Molina” wrote, “Ok.... and then what? So we go and protest. What’s that going to accomplish?”

“Richelle Rodriguez” wrote “We want real and proper changes to the shelter too. But they don’t seem to care about that either.”

Auditor delivers special district reports

Madera County Auditor-Controller Todd Miller has presented the Board of Supervisors with what he said were 125 audits of the county’s special districts, the first time in years such audits have been prepared.

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Auditors office has done an awesome job. The problems are higher ups like the City.”

“Tami Gaither Law” wrote, “Somehow I thought there would be more. It does insinuate to more and leads to many questions. Especially with what’s going on.”

Oakhurst vegan restaurant

Tricia Lousie Tracy will soon make history in Oakhurst as Madera County’s first vegan restaurant owner.

“Alex Roman” wrote, “For Booboo!”

“Angie Corona” replied, “Yes… We need to take her there… She’s going to love it!”

“Roman” responded, “Yeah we should!”

“Corona” retorted, “Mention it to her when you get a chance…”

“Roman” replied, “K”

“Monica Adame” wrote, “William Erik.”

“William Erik” replied, “Thanks for sharing Monica! I can’t wait to check this place out.”

“Adame” responded, “William Erik I want to try it too. I’m always so curious as to the dishes offered at vegan restaurants.”

“Sharon Briscoe” wrote, “Sweet!”

New regulations for truck drivers

Every (professional) truck driver now has to install an electronic log device in their cab to record the time they spend behind the wheel, according to KFSN-TV.

“Boogie Luna” wrote, “You dont need one if you stay in califas.”

“Jose Cardenas” wrote, “Already got it.”

Animals available for adoption

The Madera Friends of the Animal Shelter group recently shared photos of dogs available for adoption.

“Esmeralda Martinez” wrote, “Moe Valencia.”

“Moe Valencia” replied, “Get me one.”

“Tami Jo Nix” wrote, “Somebody adopt these babies!”

“Marco Santoyo” wrote, “OMG! I need to go look at them!!!”

“Richelle Rodriguez” wrote, “Please adopt as many out of there as possible! As many away from them as possible, the better!”

State gas tax

Speculation is looming California may place a mileage tax on drivers to help fund road repairs.

“Russ Ryan” wrote, “This is absolutely ridiculous.”

“Steve Parry” replied, “Russ — Congrats to all of the Great Democrats leading our State. Still don’t like ‘The Donald’ ???”

“Ryan” responded, “Steve Parry, I think he is a total moron, insecure, petty and utterly unqualified to be president. But other than that he seems fine…”

“Jill Fielding” replied, “Best. Response. Ever.”

“Steve Parry” retorted, “Russ Ryan We can agree to disagree, but I see Justin Harris is trying his best to head over the Sierras to the Silver State. I told him Idaho would be even better, but maybe not much business there — I wonder why?”

Rants and raves

Rant — A second suspect in the Tackle Box robbery and murder, which occurred on Nov. 13, has been arrested, according to Sheriff Jay Varney. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Neither are mentally ill; both go to jail for life. They killed a great guy for cigarettes hang them. Both are guilty!!!!”

Rave — The Madera City Council held its weekly meeting Wednesday, with many protestors out in force over city employees’ salaries. “Carrie Tuttle” wrote, “I was surprised last night by Madera City council member Charles Rigby’s negative comments about the media coverage of administrative salaries at the City. I am grateful to the Madera Tribune, DJ Becker and Michael Pistoresi for bringing this situation to the public. This is another reason that we need to support our local newspaper.”

Rant — Family members of Bonnie Hale, who was killed in North Fork on Dec. 17, 2016, fought to control their emotions as Judge Charles Wieland handed down his ruling in Bass Lake Superior Court this afternoon, as to whether the woman accused in her death is competent to stand trial for murder, according to sierranewsonline.com. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Don’t waste taxpayers money she is guilty. Life in jail.”

Rave — Tricia Lousie Tracy will open Madera County’s first vegan restaurant in Oakhurst. “Elena Reyes” wrote, “I’m sooooo ready to check it out!”

Rant — The Deputy District Attorney’s Office of Madera County announced, after a three week trial, Donald Edward Anderson was found guilty of all charges by a jury on Dec. 11, according to the Sierra Star. “Mary Frederick” wrote, “I thought three strikes your out was passed.”

Rant — Madera Tribune Editor Chuck Doud penned an editorial about Madera city employees current wages. “Michelle Garcia” wrote, “Wow we tax payers pay over 60k for a part time supervisor. Maybe we should consider a ballot to reduce their pay to match the city council members.”

Rant and Rave — Every (professional) truck driver has to install an electronic log device in their cab to record the time they spend behind the wheel, according to KFSN-TV. “Blaine Chappelear” wrote, “Good. Double edged sword for the driver, though.”

“Joyce Van Curen Thomas” wrote, “Excellent.”

Rant — Police arrested 21-year-old Anthony Salvatierra at a home near Granada and Riverview Drive for the death of his friend Isaiah McGuire, killed Sunday afternoon. “Mary Smith” wrote, “Accidentally shot his friend. Guns aren’t toys. In the wrong hands they are clearly deadly weapons.”

Rave — The Madera Food Bank recently received a donation of 25 fresh, live Christmas trees and were giving them out to the first 25 people that came and sang a Christmas Carol. “Lettie Via” wrote, “I might know someone who needs one when are they giving them away?”

Rant — The Madera County Sheriff’s Office recently participated in a Heroes and Helpers Christmas Shopping Event at Target at River Park in Fresno. “Jack Porter” wrote, “Why are they not shopping in Madera County?”

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