Letter: Thanks to Sierra Vista jog-a-thon supporters

November 16, 2017

Sierra Vista Elementary School held its first ever “Ram Run” jog-a-thon. Parents and teachers cheered on our students, some even ran with them!

The generosity we received from the community was remarkable!

I just wanted to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to make our event so special. The Health Department served infused water to all of the runners. They also provided books and shirts to our 600 students. The Camarena Health Center along with WIC provided snacks for all of the participants.

Our Sierra Vista Rams ran through the Stallion Mascot Tunnel brought over by the Madera South High School Athletic Department. Students ran with the MSHS Girls Cross Country Runners and were cheered on by MSHS cheerleaders and MLK cheerleaders.

Thank you all for making our students feel so special! Events like this remind me how blessed I am to be in education, and your support makes me proud to be a resident of Madera.

— Christina Riche,
Curriculum and instruction coach 
Sierra Vista Elementary School


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