Yosemite, gallery to honor student creativity in exhibit

November 10, 2017

Yosemite National Park and the Ansel Adams Gallery will celebrate winners of the 2017 Gateway Expressions Student Art, Photography and Poetry Contest from 11 a.m. to noon Nov. 18.


The celebration reception will take place next weekend in front of The Ansel Adams Gallery in the Yosemite Village.
This year, students submitted 232 paintings, drawings, photographs, poetry and more, highlighting some of Yosemite's most iconic views and wildlife. The contest is open to all students, grades TK-12, who live in the gateway communities of Yosemite National Park.
All winning submissions will be on public display at The Ansel Adams Gallery through Nov. 18.
The 2017 Contest Winners Are:

  1. Flynn Benson, Yosemite Valley School

  2. Sadie Nash, Yosemite Valley School


  1. Nollie Buskeness, Yosemite Valley School

  2. Whitney Marcis, El Portal School

  3. Evelyn Carter, El Portal School

Honorable Mention: Jack Killian, Yosemite Valley School & Abigail Griffin, El Portal School
2-3 Art: 

  1. Westly Sheffield, Sierra Foothill Charter School

  2. Lani Schwetaa-Sweeny, Yosemite Valley School

  3. Payton Totten, Sierra Foothill Carter School

Honorable Mention: Tyler Ruffner, El Portal School & Titus Delgado, Yosemite Valley School
4-5 Art:

  1. Nellee Sue Cresci, Rivergold Elementary School

  2. Haillie Grace Nielsen, John Muir Academy North

  3. Reese Evans, Sierra Foothill Charter School

Honorable Mention: Chloe Blagg, Sierra Foothill Charter School & Sage Inman, Sierra Foothill Charter School
6-8 Art:

  1. Erica Wohlgemuth, Yosemite Wawona Elementary School

  2. Kaitlyn Fisher, Oak Creek Intermediate School

  3. Malte Salonen, Sierra Foot Hill Charter School

Honorable Mention: Clover Cicoletti, North Fork School & Sayer Harry, Sierra Foothill Charter
9-12 Art:

  1. Cedar Dobson, Yosemite High School

  2. Claire Oetinger, Yosemite High School 

  3. Cary Walker, Mammoth High School 

Honorable Mention: Sarah Davey, Yosemite High School & Bekah Fickling,  Walter Mitty Classical School 
Poetry 2-3:

  1. Lyell Marcis, El Portal School

  2. Max Sturdevant, El Portal School

  3. Wren Sturdevant, El Portal School

Honorable Mention: Cora Grasso, El Portal  School & Rafael Rodriguez, El Portal School
Poetry 4-5:

  1. Stephanie Graham, Rivergold Elementary

  2. Morgan Ramsey, Rivergold Elementary

  3. Bree King, Rivergold Elementary

Honorable Mention: Jonas Spurgeon Rivergold Elementary & Kaylee Bates, Rivergold Elementary
Poetry 6-8

  1. Carter Whatley, El Portal School 

  2. Autumn Stock, El Portal School 

  3. Erika Ayers, Lake Don Pedro School 

Honorable Mention: Spencer Gediman, El Portal School & Lupin Amstutz, El Portal School  
Poetry 9-12

  1. Marena Haven, Tioga High School

Group Art 3-4

  1. Spring Valley Elementary, Mrs. McGrews class

Group Art 5

  1. Belleview Elementary, Mrs. Portillo's Class

Group Photography:

  1. Belleview Elementary, Mrs. Portillo's Class

Photography 2-3

  1. Russell Sham, OES

Photography 6-8

  1. Camille Fisher, Oak Crek Intermediate School

  2. Lusa Andrews, Yosemite Wawona Elementary School

  3. Jaeyanna Bolar, Sierra Foot Hill Charter School 

Zero Landfill Award 4-5: 

  1. Abbe Stoneham, Lake Don Pedro Elementary School

  2. Ciara Casarez,  Lake Don Pedro Elementary School

  3. Dakota Killian,  Lake Don Pedro Elementary School

Honorable Mention: Cecilia Arrendondo, Lake Don Pedro Elementary School
Zero Landfill Award 6-8:  

  1. Krista Fields,  Lake Don Pedro Elementary School

  2. Jasmine Fields,  Lake Don Pedro Elementary School

Yosemite Award: Cedar Dobson, Yosemite High School
Ansel Adams Gallery Award: Belleview Elementary, Mrs. Portillo's Class
Yosemite Conservancy Award: Cedar Dobson, Yosemite High School

The 7th Annual Gateway Expressions Student Art, Photography and Poetry Contest has been made possible through the support of Yosemite Conservancy and in collaboration with The Ansel Adams Gallery.

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