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Readers fed up with public trash, junk

November 10, 2017

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings.


River trash

Readers reacted to efforts by the Molina family to cleanup trash in the Fresno River’s bed.

  • “Timothy Riche” wrote, “I wish the stores would police their own shopping carts. Pak n Save baskets have locks on them if you leave the parking lots.”

  • “April Molina” wrote on Nov. 2, “We found shopping carts buried in the river. There was no way for us to just pull them out. It’s so polluted down there. I got more bags from code enforcement yesterday. We’ll be back out there if it doesn’t rain too hard this Saturday.”

  • “Kim Burgess-Gomes” wrote, “April, you are amazing for wanting to help. It is so frustrating. Something on a large scale needs to done. Even the streets in quote nice areas have trash, debris, and weeds. Madera can do better than this, and should be!”

  • “Susan Stjerne” wrote, “Shopping carts with trash and close everywhere behind Pak N Save. They have been there for about a month.”

  • “Bonnie Zylka Ault” wrote, “Wow! I moved from the Riverview Drive area six years ago. I always walked along the river with my dogs and of course noticed some trash, but it must have increased in that time. I have a friend who lives behind Food 4 Less and she has seen homeless people in the store parking lot at night sleeping, congregating, empty liquor bottles, etc. It’s getting worse in Madera. Why isn’t local law enforcement forcing the perpetrators to get out or incarcerate them?”


Code issues

Readers felt frustrated with a perceived lack of Madera city and county code enforcement about public storage of unused items in home yards.

  • “Heather Williams” wrote, “Because the city and the county are too busy arguing whose job it is.”

  • “Sue Alexander” wrote, “Cardwell and Krohn streets have some really bad places.”

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “There’s a lot of places like this. The County of Madera needs to hire more Code Enforcement people instead of giving themselves raises.”


Rants and raves


  • Rant — “Jan McNaughton” wrote, “The southbound 4th Street on-ramp, onto Highway 99, is in extreme need of the bushes and trees being cut down. They are blocking the view of merging traffic. One never knows what they are pulling into, until it is too late. On another note. I think we could solve out city’s finance problems by just having an officer on duty Sundays, ticketing the illegal left turns into the fairgrounds on Cleveland Avenue.”

  • Rant — An unknown person vandalized a Starbucks drive-thru area in Chowchilla. “Octavio Gaona Jr.” wrote, “All that money they make and don’t have cameras.”

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