Inside the Game: Madera Coyotes 49, Madera Stallions 20


Player of the game: With more than 300 yards passing and five touchdowns, Colt Nelson proved to be the best player on the field. Whether it was the first quarter or the fourth quarter, Nelson hung in the pocket and delivered in a big rivalry game for his team.

Unsung hero of the game: Although Joseph Saldivar didn’t grab the headlines, his consistent rushing attack was a big factor in the teams win. His ability to get Chungking yards on first and second down allowed Colt Nelson to pass for big yards. His rushing kept the defense on their toes as well.

Drive of the game: The Coyotes executed a 10-play drive in the first quarter that set the tone for head coach Yosef Fares’ team for the rest of the game. A mix of run and pass plays took the Coyotes 74 yards down the field to take the lead. Joseph Saldivar shouldered the load with over 35 yards rushing while Jayson Regua chipped in 15 of his own before Saldivar took the plunge for six.

Play of the game: Jerry Hernandez is known for his speed and catching ability on the field and in the fourth quarter he showcased both. Hernandez took a short pass 52 yards down the field for a big score in the final game quarter. Hernandez caught the ball with Stallions around him but he stayed calm and found his avenue to the end zone. His acceleration proved to be too much after he left his defenders stuck in their spot.


Player of the game: Matt Manoz rushed for 80 yards and two touchdowns to lead his team. Not only was Manoz the main running back, he was also the quarterback. He threw for a touchdown to go along with his exploits on he ground. He accounted for all of the Stallions points.

Unsung hero of the game: Learning a new offense on the fly isn’t easy, especially when it’s a run-heavy offense. The Stallions’ offensive line stayed strong throughout and allowed Manoz and company to run all game long. The team put together a strong rushing performance all game long.

Play of the game: After generating a turnover, the Stallions used the short field to their advantage when Manoz found David Thomas for the touchdown. He burned his Coyote defender for the easy score.

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