Some readers angered by article on alleged misconduct

September 6, 2017

The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.



The Tribune’s article on a Madera Unified School District employee’s alleged misconduct with a student angered some readers. They felt a four-paragraph summary of public online statements by the student’s self-identified mother was false, skewed and incomplete.


  • “Desiree Genera” wrote, “The newspaper has a lot of stuff written that is untrue as well. I never gave them a statement for the record! This paper seems to be fabricating the entire story … This mother knows how to get the right media to cover this nationally for all unsafe students across the states.”

  • “Stephanie Zavacky” wrote, “I hate newspaper(s), how they can misread or get things wrong. Watch the (TV) news before you assume.”

  • “Lysa Zuniga-Rodriguez” wrote, “It’s called fake news!”

  • “Desiree Genera” replied, “I have to agree that the story was written with not full facts.”

  • “Monika Rojas” wrote, “They can’t do that. It’s against the law.”

  • “Ashley Clark” wrote, “Wow, they seriously twisted everything and lied. That’s all bad. What idiots. What a bunch of BS! … You’re a great mother and a strong woman! And we all support you and what you’re doing is amazing.”

  • “Patricia Carreon” wrote, “Funny how the whole article is about Desiree Genera, but nothing was confirmed by Desiree — only by (MUSD Superintendent) Todd (Lile) and (Madera High School Principal) Robin (Cosgrove).”

  • “Fredy Cortez” wrote, “Keep blasting these people.”

  • “Renay Suzy Hernandez” wrote, “You go, Mama Bear!”


Peace Corps

The views of a Madera Peace Corps volunteer, who wrote a book on his experiences, sparked interest among online readers.

  • “Tessa Munoz” wrote, “Looking forward to reading about your experience in Panama!”

  • “Francine Mejia” wrote, “I just read the article. It’s available on Amazon. I will order a copy. Thanks for sharing!”

  • “Socorro Rodriguez” wrote, “Awesome, Anson Lihosit. Can’t wait to read about your experience.”


Curb stripes


The Tribune asked online readers who owned a Madera Home if they had taken part in the city’s Curb Stripe Initiative to show support for law enforcement.


  • “Beverly Dover” wrote, “Why not put this information in with the monthly utility bill along with the registration form? That way everyone that owns a home will receive the information” about the program.

  • “Socorro Rodriguez” wrote, “Yes, we do.”


Rants and raves


  • Rave — An online reader enjoyed last week’s Read It Online column, which led with responses to coverage of farmer Roger Poythress. “Joey Biscay” wrote, “Wonderful people!”

  • Rave — Bernice and Kenneth Leach marked 70 years of marriage Thursday, which the Tribune reported. “Janet Gazaway Morgan” wrote, “Our families went to the same church when I was younger. Wonderful people! Happy anniversary!”

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