Feed yourselves with Elks dinners; Poythress eyes new job

August 23, 2017

The Madera Elks Lodge will sell takeout dinners Friday afternoon to raise funds to help pay for the dictionaries the Elks donate to third-grade students in four local school districts. The lodge will be open for pick-up starting at 5:30 p.m. We don’t know what the dinners will consist of, but the Elks never disappoint, so bring plenty of tens, one for a dinner for each family member and some to take home for the weekend ... States that have legalized marijuana, as Californians voted to do last year, show a marked increase in marijuana use, and one of those states, Colorado, experienced a 32 percent increase in marijuana-related traffic deaths; oh, what a good time we are about to have ...

The Feed the Bug car show Sunday at Lions Town and Country Park was FUN, mainly because of all the great memories floating around of the Bugs when they actually were Bugs, and not just Volkswagens shaped to make them look like Bugs; “these were really good cars,” said one Bug-lover, admiring a light-blue beauty. A Bug-owner replied, “and they still are!” ... 

During public comment last Wednesday at the Madera City Council meeting, the folks had their torches and pitchforks waving over the city’s homeless problem. Former Elks Club Exalted Ruler Eddie Block, who has a thrift store downtown, said, “We need to do something to help clean up downtown; we need to do something about the homeless.” Maria Contreres said, “It’s terrible that my children are afraid to walk home now because of all those homeless; there was this huge homeless encampment the night before National Night Out.” She said a no-camping ordinance for Madera, such as one passed last week by the Fresno City Council, might be something that could work ...

The Chamber’s Lifetime Achievement Awards Thursday night were peppered with great conversations and not just a little gossip; one of the most interesting items was that former Madera Mayor Robert Poythress, who became the District 3 supervisor after winning the past year’s election, now plans to run for the state Senate seat held by Republican Anthony Cannella of Ceres, who will be termed out next year. Also interested in that job are Republican Johnny Tacherra, who has run twice for Congress, and Madera City Councilman Derek A. Robinson, Sr., who was preparing to announce his candidacy this week, but decided to hold off when Poythress started letting people know he was running.

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