‘Doing the right thing’ didn’t work

A few weeks ago I came back from Lowe’s. At the corner was a little white and brown Chihuahua that someone had “dropped off.” I told Gloria about it and unloaded the material I had bought. I went back to the corner and the little dog was gone.

The road is pretty busy, and with the packing shed down the way, I hoped the little one had found a better home. I went about my business. Today while disking, I saw a little white spot in the neighbor’s orchard. I went to look, and it was that little dog. I finished what I was doing and went down to bury it.

It looked normal, until I placed the shovel under it to place it in the grave I dug. The right side of its head was badly damaged. The little dog did not find a happy home. Instead it had a violent last few minutes. I write this in hopes the person that thought they were “doing the right thing” by dumping the dog off would know it didn’t work out that way.

— Bill Hoffrage,



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