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Whatever happened to the news?

May 23, 2017

Those of us who watch national television news are learning that if we want to find out what is going on in the nation or the world, it is best to watch the several channels that actually broadcast news about what is happening around the planet.

That means you should spend as little time as possible watching CNN, unless your main interest is the scandal of the week.

Since Donald Trump was elected president, CNN has been trying to come up with scandals that will make it harder for Trump to govern.

The main reason CNN does that is that CNN desperately wanted Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.

When Trump won, it made the CNN talking heads look like idiots.

CNN used to be pretty good at covering actual news. The network would cover storms, and various wars and interesting stories about people. But now that once solid network is concentrating on the scandal of the week.

This requires that they come up with a different scandal about Trump every seven days or so.

The scandal this week is an investigation about whether Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor should be investigated for having done some lobbying work for Russia before he took federal office. He has been subpoened by the Senate Intelligence Committee. His lawyer says he will tell the Senate Intelligence committee what to do with their subpoena.

Now, the assumption here is that Trump should have done a better job vetting Flynn before hiring him, but that was several scandals ago. Trump fired Flynn. That story pretty well went away.

In fact, almost all of the scandals have gone away because they are based on innuendo and desperate attempts by CNN and some other news outlets to make viewers believe something awful is going on inside the Trump administration.

Now, the Trump administration is not perfect, and do you know how I know that? I know it because there haven’t been any perfect administrations, including those of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, who was such a complete amateur that he accepted a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for bringing peace and harmony to the world, when in reality he blew the bejeebers out of anybody he could point a missile at, just like Bush had. (To Obama’s credit, he did donate the money to charity. Allegedly.)

Also, I know Trump is not perfect because a whole galaxy of movie stars say he isn’t. Those movie stars are really brilliant political scientists, even the ones who threatened to leave the country if Trump were elected.

As it turns out, none of them left.

Meanwhile, CNN would like to run the country, but don’t hold your breath. The last I looked, Trump, with all his faults, is still president.

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