Madera fairgrounds goes to the dogs

March 15, 2017

Donald A. Promnitz/The Madera Tribune    

The Australian shepherd Ven leaps over an obstacle at the Canine Agility Trial, which was held over the weekend at the Madera District Fairgrounds.

Dogs from across the state, both large and small, ran and jumped for points at the Canine Agility Trial.

The trials, held through the weekend at the Madera District Fairgrounds, were staged by the Canine Agility Club of Fresno. The events were broken into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, along with a super-advanced course. A jumping trial was also included.

According to club president Vivian Vidoli, the event can serve as a steppingstone for the national competitions with the American Kennel Club.

Win or lose, the dogs themselves seemed thrilled to have fun on the course.

“They love it. Sometimes, they love it so much that they can’t help barking on course,” Vidoli said, “and they bark, and bark, and bark… and the barking is out of the joy of getting to do this stuff.”

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