Where locals can get sand and sand bags

January 8, 2017

Below is a list of locations that have sand and sand bags available for Madera County residents. Bring a shovel. For more sand bags, visit a local hardware store. Some sites have only sand.


Rural valley

  • Madera County Fire Station #3, 25950 Ave. 18 1/2, Madera, 661-0507

  • Madera County Fire Station #19, 35141 Bonadelle Ave., Madera, 645-1399

  • Madera Power, 11427 Firebaugh Blvd., Madera

  • Madera County Central Garage, 14335 Road 28, Madera (sand only)

  • Ponding basin, Avenue 24 and Road 19, Madera (sand only)


Rural mountain

  • Madera County Fire Station #8, 47050 Road 417, Coarsegold, 683-8008

  • Cal Fire, Rancheria Fire Station, 53488 Road 200, North Fork, 877-2322

  • Madera County Fire Station #12, 48355 Liberty Drive, Oakhurst

  • Sewer treatment plants, 40601 Road 274, Bass Lake (sand only), and 48382 Black Oak Road, Oakhurst (weekdays 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; sand only)


City of Madera

  • Madera City Fire Station #6, 317 N. Lake St., 661-5499 (bags only)

  • Madera City Fire Station #7, 200 S. Schnoor Ave. (bags only)

  • Madera Public Works Yard, 1030 S. Gateway Drive (weekdays 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.; bags only)

  • Rotary Park, 930 N. Gateway Drive (sand only)

  • Vacant lots, Clinton and Tozer streets, E and 14th streets (sand only for both)


City of Chowchilla

  • Chowchilla Public Works Yard, 360 North I St. (sand only)

  • Chowchilla City Hall, 130 South 2nd St. (bags only)

  • Chowchilla Police Department, 122 Trinity Ave. (after business hours only; bags only)


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